Diaconate Ministry

scan0004We are delighted to have this opportunity to share with some information about this ministry.  Deacons are the ordained members of the Body of Christ who are given special charge “to assist the Pastor and to serve all people, particularly the poor, the weak, the sick, and the lonely.” Deacons are to be icons of the servant ministry of Christ both within and beyond the Church. Their task, in ministry, is to lead in equipping others with God’s word and ministering to them in various partical ways, so that the Church may respond to the needs of the people in love, faith and truth.  Deacons, by contrast are not designated as the tradition-bearers nor as the primary teachers of the Church, though some may have gifts to do so. Their ministry is one of service. They are continually to present to the Church the concerns and agonies of the people, while also presenting to the people the wisdom and the faith of the Church. Theirs is a special community of servant leadership.  With that in mind, we want to welcome you with open arms to visit our church, to worship and fellowship with us.  We look forward to serving you.

Deacon Vivian A. Williams, Chair

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